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Feb 19, 2013 5:30pm EST
summer. >>> massive budget cuts could rock our economy. what's being done. and they are some of the most coveted seats around, the bleachers for the red carpets at the academy awards. find out how to get your hands on one tough to come by ticket. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers, thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when your business is optimized like that, there's no stopping you. we are tyco integrated security. and we are sharper. >>> let's start off with a lack at the weather cameras. rain showers on and off. wet conditions all across the board with the wind gusts wicked and the rain totals up around an inch or so. parkville, again, that weather was whipping with the wet conditions and the same deal in annapolis today. winds beginning to pick up now even as the rain begins to clear out to the east, kind of ugly weather state wide, in
Feb 18, 2013 5:30pm EST
: in this uncertain economy, three things are clear when it comes to jobs. how long we're working is changing, where we're working and flexibility is the new know. >>> 77% of employers now offer flex time. that's way up from 66bilities just a few years -- 66% gist a few years ago. >> i love. it never had a company that offered this type of benefit. >> reporter: she has a flexible arrangement. >> i have something to look for every two weeks. >> reporter: other flex options are becoming available, including flex place, choosing where you work. it's twice the amount from a few years heaping. employers see them as a win-win. >> anything we can do to help them get their work done is what we're interested in doing. >> reporter: the rise of the hybrid job. >> instead of hiring someone for one specific skillset they're trying to reduce their cost of hire. >> reporter: james schneider fills a hybrid position. help handles, marketing and sales. he started the job as an unpaid intern. >> for someone who has been out of work for appeared of time, this is something more and more of us need to do.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2